USBView is a GTK program that displays the topography of the devices that are plugged into the USB bus on a Linux machine. It also displays information on each of the devices. This can be useful to determine if a device is working properly or not.

USBView uses GTK+ 3.x and requires that USB support to be compiled into your kernel.
It successfully runs on development kernel versions greater than 2.3.18 and the 2.2.18 stable kernel.
The Linux-USB homepage can help you out getting USB running on Linux.

Here is the obligitory screenshot:
USBView screenshot

Source for usbview-3.1

Git tree
The git tree for usbview can be browsed here.

Linux USB Serial Converter Drivers
As of kernel version 2.3.20 my USB Serial converter driver is in the main kernel tree. Please use this version.

HandSpring Visor USB Driver
The USB Serial driver currently supports the HandSpring Visor. See the project page for detailed information on how to HotSync your Visor using this driver.

Inside Out (Digi) Edgeport USB Driver
See this page for more information about this driver.

Contacting me
If you have any questions or comments about USBView or the USB serial converter driver, my email address is