The ever clueful Doc Searls has penned what I think is one of the most insitful descriptions about what the Linux kernel really is, and how it is being changed over time.

Go read it now, I can't recommend it enough.

posted Thu, 10 Nov 2005 in [/diary]

I got a Nokia 770 last weekend, many thanks to Nokia for sending it to me.

My first reaction was like everyone else's, "Damm, that's a nice screen." After playing around with it this week more, I'm really hooked. It handles streaming internet music just fine, replacing my laptop for this task. And putting a ripped DVD on the memory card, makes the kids happy to watch the Jack-Jack-Attack short film over and over.

But it goes deeper than that. It's actually a useful web browser. I can successfully read different news sites just fine, all from a tiny little device with a very good battery life (at least compared to my laptop).

Combine that with a very active development community already (Nokia was smart in seeding it with devices, very wise move) I think this will be one platform that will be worth watching for some time. The number of applications will only grow and get better. It's already fun to use a xterm on the thing.

Now to wait for the kernel source tree for it to be released so I can get to tweaking on it, and figure out why they are using my pl2303 driver when I don't see a serial output anywhere...

posted Thu, 10 Nov 2005 in [/diary]


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