One of the biggest questions I get from people and from companies that are wanting to do Linux kernel development is, "Where should I go to learn about XYZ." Right now, each different version of XYZ is a pointer to a different place, which means that people are looking all over in different places for different things.

To help alleviate this, I've started a HOWTO do Linux kernel development I want it to to live in the Linux kernel source tree, and be the starting place for anyone with any type of question about how the Linux kernel development process works.

Any feedback that anyone has on this document would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and for those who think this is stepping on the toes of this, give me a break. 3 months to create 3 wiki pages, and a pretty logo seems like a pretty lame "initiative", and doesn't give people a good feeling that things will pick up in the future. But I would be glad to be proven wrong...

posted Mon, 14 Nov 2005 in [/diary]


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