Ugh, I've been traveling way too much lately, here's a summary of my trips in the past 2 months:

  • Nuremberg for work related meeting
  • San Francisco for some meeting I can't remember now.
  • Stanford for talk to students
  • Prague for training of Linux kernel developers
  • Los Angles for FreedomHEC
  • Tokyo for LinuxWorld Japan
  • San Francisco for driver related meeting.

Remember, I live in Portland, not Germany, as many people seem to be surprised when they meet me for the first time. Don't get fooled by my .de email address...

The last two trips happened this week, with me spending only about 48 hours in Tokyo. It was a lot of fun there, but not much time. However, in that span I did get to do the following:

  • Give a talk about Linux kernel development based on a mashup of last year's OLS talk and this upcoming year's talk. People actually asked questions, which I am told is very rare for an audience at this kind of event, so I was happy.
  • Signed more copies of my O'Reilly driver book, the Japanese translation, than I have for the English version.
  • Went to the Tokyo Linux developer meeting (sorry, can't find link, I know they must have one), along with Tony Luck and gave the same talk again. Tony is the ia64 kernel maintainer and remarked that this is one of the few developer audiences that actually like Itanium. I was really impressed by the meeting, there are a lot of good Linux kernel people in Tokyo, it was nice to see some familiar faces and got to meet a lot of new ones. Hopefully I will see some of them at OLS this year.
  • Found some neat USB toys to hack on.
  • Drooled over the tiny, 1kg dual core laptops and some ultra-mobile machines that I would love to get Linux running on. The future of ultra-mobile devices is looking very good, I can't wait to get one of them soon.

Then the driver meeting in San Francisco sponsored by O'Reilly. Not as many people showed up as expected (only nvidia, IBM and O'Reilly were there), but I think it was very productive. I'll wrote more about this next week, along with a summary of FreedomHEC.

Oh, and now I'm stuck in the SFO airport due to fog, still trying to get home to PDX and have not slept in almost 48 hours. Travel can be fun at times, but other times it's just a major grind to get through...

Time to go play some Lumines, my new addiction...

posted Fri, 01 Jun 2007 in [/diary]


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