I've been working on the graphics for my Linux Symposium talk and it turns out that the graph of Linux kernel developers and their relationship is a bit larger and more complex than I originally guessed.

I wanted to create a single big poster that showed the whole Signed-off-by: path for the past year or so, but when I finally got it rendered it turned out to be over 165 feet long by 3 feet tall...

Needless to say, that's a bit impractical, so I'm having to resort to graphing each individual release, but they are still turning out quite large, over 40 feet long for some of these.

I've put up some sample renderings if people want to take a look at them:

click for directory of big pictures

Be forwarned that they are very large and might crash your browser.

Also ran into the problem that the local Kinkos (an American copy/printing company) can not handle images this big. The PDF version of the file crashes Acrobat Reader, even the professional version, and Illustrator can not handle single images this large. Somehow I need to figure out how to get these banners printed out in time for my plane ride to Ottawa next week.

After spending all week using Inkscape to create these images all I have to say is "it rocks!". I used to use Illustrator a lot a long time ago (the result of a number of college classes in graphic design) and Inkscape does all that, and handles images this large in size with absolutely no problems.

posted Sat, 23 Jun 2007 in [/diary]


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