Back in July last year, I wrote a paper for the Linux Symposium about who was doing the actual work in the Linux kernel. Today the Linux Foundation has released a new version of it that contains new data, as well as a lot better writing thanks to Jon Corbet of and Amanda McPherson of the Linux Foundation.

The paper was released in both html form, and a PDF version for those who like the pretty graphs to be a bit bigger.

It seems that the trade press has picked this up already, with reviews by the 451 group,, cnet, and infoworld, as well as

Funny note, companies are now emailing me complaining that we aren't counting their contributions properly. Hey, the numbers don't lie, take a look at the tools and logs I used to create all of this if you don't believe them.

To be fair to one company, Google, we were incorrectly counting their representation, keeping Andrew Morton in the "Linux Foundation" bucket instead of the "Google" bucket. That will change the list of top companies placing Google somewhere between 10 and 13, I haven't re-run the numbers yet to get the exact placement.

posted Tue, 01 Apr 2008 in [/diary]


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