Way back in 2008 I started to use twitter as a dump of my command line. Well, 23 thousand tweets later, most of them being something as boring as q ref, I've stopped the experiment. Turns out just seeing one side of the conversation (what I type) and not the output, is a pretty boring thing.

That being said, 155 people did find it amusing enough to follow, and for that, I am totally amazed. True, 150 of them are probably bots, I sure hope their scripts enjoyed the show. Twitter also started to rate limit me after the first few months, in a silent manner. The server would say it accepted the message, yet it would never show up anywhere.

The good thing out of this, was the tool, bti, which lots of people seem to be using as it provides an easy way to pipe output to twitter-like services. It has also grown way beyond my initial expectations, now providing the ability to read messages, and lots of other things (readline? Yeah, readline, the GPL trojen horse, is now supported, I need to work on making it so that readline doesn't force a GPLv3 change to the codebase.)

So, it's back to normal for twitter and identi.ca for me now, just kernel release announcements and complaints about companies not working well with the kernel community.

posted Tue, 05 Jan 2010 in [/diary]


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