Thanks for the many people responding to my previous plea for help about applying patches from mutt, with a script.

Turns out the solution to my problem (as pointed out by many people) was changing a line in my script from:

${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-vi}} "$DIR/foo.patch"


${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-vi}} "$DIR/foo.patch" < /dev/tty

This made vim much happier, and now my enter key works properly, and it even seems a whole lot faster. Lots of people responded that they didn't even know how vim would work without that change, as it was using the input from a pipe from mutt.

So now everything works just wonderfully, although this suggestion about how to do it all directly from mutt, without calling out to a shell script, looks like it will be fun to play with sometime in the near future.

posted Thu, 26 Jan 2006 in [/linux]


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