Ever since my talk at OLS last year about the Linux kernel development community and the companies involved, I've been traveling around, giving the talk in one form or another to lots of different companies and community groups.

Last week I gave the talk at Google, and they kindly recorded it and put it up for everyone to see.

So, if you're curious about the current state of the Linux kernel when it comes to how fast it is going, who is doing the work, who is sponsoring the work, and why that matters to your company, sit back and enjoy the talk.

Oh, the slides are right here if you really want to see them. Without the context of the talk they really don't mean that much, but people seem to always want to see them.

I also did an interview for linux-magazin.de a month or so ago, and that is also online now as well.

Maybe now I will no longer have to travel around so much...

posted Wed, 11 Jun 2008 in [/linux]


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