My previous plea for help worked out very well. The resulting video of the talk can be seen here, with one of the highlights being the phrase, "It is cheaper to work upstream in the kernel" from Dirk Hohndel who works at Intel. There's a summary of the talk on over here if you don't want to sit through the whole video.

Since I received so many good questions that I worked into the talk last time, I figured I would try it again. In a few weeks, I'll be interviewing Linus Torvalds on stage at the LinuxCon Japan conference, with the topic naturally being "20 Years of Linux."

But there's no reason we have to stick with that topic, right? Send me your ideas and questions and I'll do my best to pick through them and come up with something entertaining enough to fill up a 45 minute discussion between two boring Linux kernel developers.

posted Thu, 19 May 2011 in [/linux]


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