As 3.2 is now out, here's a note as to the current status of the different stable/longterm kernel trees.

First off, please everyone remember to mark any patch that you want to have applied to the stable kernel trees with a simple:

Cc: stable <>

marking in the Signed-off-by: area. Once the patch hits Linus's tree, I will automatically be notified of it and it will be applied if possible. If it does not applied, you will be notified of that.

Note that the address is, not the older address that used to be used before October of 2011.

At this time, all stable and longterm kernel trees are being maintained in one big git tree, located at:

There are different branches for every different major kernel version.

Here's the different active kernel versions that I am maintaining at the moment:

  • 3.2.y - this will be maintained until 3.3 comes out
  • 3.1.y - there will be only one, maybe two, more releases of this tree
  • 3.0.y - this is the new "longterm" kernel release, it will be maintained for 2 years at the minimum by me.
  • 2.6.32.y - this is the previous "longterm" kernel release. It is approaching it's end-of-life, and I think I only have another month or so doing releases of this. After I am finished with it, it might be picked up by someone else, but I'm not going to promise anything.

All other longterm kernels are being maintained in various forms (usually quite sporadically, if at all), by other people, and I can not speak for their lifetime at all, that is up to those individuals.

If anyone has any questions about any of this, please let me know.

posted Mon, 09 Jan 2012 in [/linux]


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