Here's a short note as to the status of some recent activity in the openSUSE:Tumbleweed repo:

  • the kernel is at the 2.6.38 release level tracking the upstream stable 2.6.38 releases.
  • lxde (and its sub-packages) was added
  • calibre was added
  • other smaller packages were added
  • KDE update seems stable and working. It's in the openSUSE:Tumbleweed:KDE repo if anyone wants to test it out now. I'll be working next few weeks to merge this into the main openSUSE:Tumbleweed repo as my bandwidth allows.
  • There is a GNOME 3.0 Tumbleweed repo at openSUSE:Tumbleweed:GNOME. It's properly building right now, but the same caveats remain for the main GNOME 3.0 repo (i.e. network manager issues with KDE, and other minor stuff), so I can't merge it to the main openSUSE:Tumbleweed repo just yet. I'll wait for these changes to settle down, but if you want, feel free to try out the repo for your GNOME 3.0 systems running Tumbleweed. I'll keep it up to date as the changes merge into the main GNOME 3.0 repo.
  • artwork questions were raised with one proposed logo already sent in. More to come in this area hopefully soon.
  • There were a few "version downgrades" that happened as the upstream project release number was changed to reflect the basesystem release number correctly. This will probably continue to happen as this change is propagated throughout the openSUSE build system to fix up these errors by the various developers. You can safely ignore them when they happen.

As always, if anyone knows of any packages they wish to see added to Tumbleweed, please let me know.

Please read the wiki page for Tumbleweed if you have any basic questions about what it is or how to use it. Any other questions, please ask them on the opensuse-factory mailing list.

posted Fri, 22 Apr 2011 in [/suse]


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